My Creative Space

My Creative Space

This is kinda a cheat … this is my desk and as you can see it’s tiny. It sits in a bay window in my bedroom, which overlooks my car parked out the front. While that doesn’t sound exactly awesome, it is tempered by a couple of very lovely hibiscus trees that I have managed to keep alive somehow and they have grown to cover the windows, which is both pleasing and surprising.

Where are you working from today?

As I said, the pic is a bit of a cheat. I am actually working off my kitchen table, but it is covered with half eaten bowels of yoghurt, wires, some school project from my 8 year old, left over dinner and scraps of paper. Maybe that would have been more interesting?

What are you working on?

I am trying to get some of the words up to scratch on this manuscript. I have completed a VERY ROUGH first draft and am working my way slowly through the quagmire trying to find the diamond I am sure is hidden there.

How’s it going?


When you get stuck, what do you do?

I take a lot of walks during the day if I have time, and am not working. I used to drink a lot of whiskey when I got stuck at night, until it started to affect the amount of time I was able to walk in the day, so I had to cut that out.

Who gets to see your earliest drafts and at what stage?

It depends on what it is really. If it is an article, then I really pretty much have it done before I show it around, generally to editorial. If it is a story, I tend to spew something out and if I can, I send it to a couple of trusted people. I used to have a writing group who were good for this, and very patient. I find it hard often, to really see my work until I have had a significant break. In this particular case, the break may have gone beyond the normal realms of significant …

Hello Noe

Noe Harsel is a Melbourne writer and is currently Co-Director of Melbourne Jewish Book Week. She has worked for over 15 years in the not-for-profit arts and culture space. Her diverseĀ  experience includes project management, fundraising, marketing, communications and curatorial work in diverse organisations such as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Jewish Museum of Australia and the Melbourne Museum, among others.

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