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Michelle Hamer on Noe Harsel's Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Creative spaces is an online creative exhibition, created because I was (and am) intrigued by the cultural spaces of artists, writers and makers – what makes them tick, and what does their workspaces look like while they are doing it.

To see more of this, please see here.

Noe Harsel Live Write

Live Write

Since the earliest weeks of COVID, I felt the need to give a creative space for writers of all sorts to be able to connect. I created Live Write, an online space to enable access for regional as well as metro Australians. It has continued twice weekly and developed a strong community, with the odd international visitor joining us. In this space, we have had writers finish novels and win awards!

Orange square with write writing that says why write with a question mark logo on it and the tag line, one writer, one question

Why Write

In my endless fascination about the creative process, I developed, created and produced this podcast, Why Write, to find out why writers write. It is only 10 minutes and asks this of some of Australia’s best-known and biggest selling authors.

To hear all of the episodes in this podcast please go to

Conversations with Ghosts, performance image, Paul Kelly

Sless to Harsel

This short series was a totally irreverent look at the culture of writing, publishing and friendship. Over 2 minutes on video, we would discuss creative ideas and process – and basically have a laugh – as would our very kind and dedicated fans.

To see this series, please watch it here.

Mira Mora large image at end of laneway

Like Us, SBS

Entering into its second season in 2024, this SBS broadcast podcast is hosted by myself and two other Australian women, all from different cultural backgrounds, discussing race, culture and life.

To listen to this podcast, please listen here.

Logo square for the "What Would Danbury Do" podcast that advertises Episode 5 of Season 2, Bridgerton, "You Outta Know".

Podcast Guest

I was thrilled to be a guest on this episode of the What Would Danbury Do podcast, an internationally loved podcast all about Bridgerton. We covered not only the Netflix drama, but also the broader ideas of privilege, nudity, and Romance tropes.

To hear my episode, please follow this link.

Image of a Zoom room screen

Podcast Takeover

The wonderful First Time podcast opened up for a selection of podcast takeovers called Conversations with Friends, and I was honoured to be chosen, alongside my colleague and friend, Justine Sless.

To listen to our episode, please click here.

Image credits: Top: Michelle Hamer, Noè Harsel, Noè Harsel. Middle: Noè Harsel, Marie Luise Skibbe, What Would Danbury Do. Bottom: Noè Harsel