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It is all about letting those creative juices flow: let’s tell the stories that make use laugh, or cry. From writing, to hosting podcasts, IGTV shows or public speaking, it is all story telling. Nothing we do is a waste of time. Enjoy it!

Noe Harsel Live Write

Live Write

Hosted with Writers Victoria, you don’t have to be a member to join. It is FREE and online. Contact me for details, but click here for some of our past writing prompts!

Sless to Harsel

Sless To Harsel

An irreverent, two-minute chat between friends about books, life and anything else we can think of, on Instagram and Facebook. Please check it out – we need all the fans we can get!

Noe Harsel Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Ever wonder where some of our best writers, jewellers, and other creative wonders do their stuff? Me too. So I asked and here’s what I found out …

Noe Harsel Podcasts


Sorry I got a bit ahead of myself. I have a couple in production and will be putting them right here as soon as I can – but please come hang out with me on socials and hassle me!

I work with Noè as an emerging writer, drafting my first memoir/creative non-fiction manuscript.

Writing as an Asian-Australian woman, Noè provides culturally safe and constructive feedback on how to improve my craft. Her feedback has integrity, honesty and precision –  to the point that I have affectionately coined it ‘Noè diagnostics’.

Having Noè in my creative process is simply irreplaceable. Her ferocious work ethic reminds me writing is hard work. But with her support I embrace my love of literature, push the self doubt aside and just keep on writing!



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