Duncan Schmoll is a classically trained guitarist and cellist who has played in every type of band in almost every type of location, including on cruise ships!

He is the founder of the Yarra Banks Jam, one of Melbourne’s best loved jazz/funk/soul jam nights. He is also guitarist with the nine-piece dub/reggae/hiphop outfit, Echo Drama and is currently getting a lot of attention on radio with his new project Slippery Grips.

He is definitely one of the most talented guitarists around, and by the sounds of it, one of the busiest!

Duncan Schmoll on Noe Harsel's Creative Spaces

Where are you working from today?

Selby in the Dandenong Ranges (near Belgrave, “aaaaah that’s where it is!” most will say), Victoria

What are you working on?

Currently I’m working on a rnb hip-hop tune with some mates, hoping to get on with some folky original music and occasionally gigging with a few acts ranging from cover bands to alt country, reggae, dub and hip hop

How’s it going?

Not bad, juggling this with  9-5 to support my young family is a bit taxing but I love the variety, hoping it can end up being a full time thing without having to be a teacher again

When you get stuck, what doing you do?

I find listening to something completely removed from what I’m into will inspire me with new ideas though sometimes it sets me on a tangent and I end up spending a lot of time perfecting something I know nothing about (current hip hop project single a prime example!)

Who sees your earliest version / draft & at what stage?

My wife, from the beginning to end, if I can keep her interested from first draft to the end with the amount of times she has to listen to it I know I’m into something. I also play early drafts to close friends though everyone seems to feel like they have an obligation to make you change something! You have to put on the blinders sometimes and stick to what you feel is right despite opinions to the contrary!