Cultural Storyteller | Strategic Leader | Impact Speaker

I am an arts producer, executive leader and writer, using storytelling as a way to explore culture and identity. I have worked with some of Australia’s largest cultural and philanthropic organisations to create creative and lasting impactful projects.

With Japanese, Russian, Polish and Jewish heritage, I was born in the US and raised in Australia. I have written for a number of publications including The Melbourne Magazine, the AFI and Broadsheet and am represented by Key People Literary Management. I have an on-going podcast with the national broadcaster, SBS discussing my multicultural and lived migrant experiences.

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Picture of Noe Harsel wearing a black top, standing with arms wide, with head to the side, in front of a light wall.
Julia Gillard with Noe Harsel

Impact Projects

I have created projects and events that have had a lasting impact on communities and organisations. From an in-conversation event with the Honourable Julia Gillard AC in front of over 300 distinguished guests, to the commissioning of a Mirka Mora tram across the city of Melbourne, I have enjoyed having an influence across the creative landscape across impactful projects.

Culture Projects


My own family, cultural and lived experience has been an inspiration that deeply influences my work. I find great joy in engaging with others, exploring the sources of their creativity and nurturing and enviornment that fosters expressive freedom. I have created a curated writers space, a podcasts about the writing process and podcast and cultural identity

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Commercial Projects


I enjoy building audiences, brands and awareness. I work with diverse stakeholders, nationally, internationally and partner for regional outreach, to create markets and best outcomes. This includes product design and production, the creation and development of organisational magazine and the writing of articles, copy and the management of commercial outcomes.

Image credits: Top: Marie Luise Skibbe, Second row: Dean Schmideg, Third row: Marie Luise Skibbe, Fourth row: Melbourne Review