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Noe Harsel Live Write

Why Write?

Why Write is a 10 minute podcast that asks one writer one question: why write? Of all the things they could do, why choose writing? By chatting to a diverse set of writers, I hope to find this out! Supported by Writers Victoria.

Available on whywrite.com.au

Sless to Harsel

Like Us

What do you get when a Japanese Jewish woman, a Korean woman and a Nigerian Malawian woman get together to chat about living, working and raising families in Australia? You get Like Us, a podcast hosted by Anna Song, Noè Harsel and Zione Walker-Nthenda. They’re three Australian women from different cultural backgrounds, discussing their personal relationship with Australia and Australia’s relationship with them.

Available on sbs.com.au/likeus


Logo square for the "What Would Danbury Do" podcast that advertises Episode 5 of Season 2, Bridgerton, "You Outta Know".

What would Danbury Do (Bridgerton Podcast): Episode 39. You Outta Know

‘You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires’

Conversations with Friends

Have a listen and then see us do Sless to Harsel in all its glory!