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Noe Harsel Live Write

Why Write?

Why Write is a 10 minute podcast that asks one writer one question: why write? Of all the things they could do, why choose writing? By chatting to a diverse set of writers, I hope to find this out! Supported by Writers Victoria.

Available on whywrite.com.au

Sless to Harsel

Like Us

What do you get when a Japanese Jewish woman, a Korean woman and a Nigerian Malawian woman get together to chat about living, working and raising families in Australia? You get Like Us, a podcast hosted by Anna Song, Noè Harsel and Zione Walker-Nthenda. They’re three Australian women from different cultural backgrounds, discussing their personal relationship with Australia and Australia’s relationship with them.

Available on sbs.com.au/likeus


Conversations with Friends

Noè and Justine have a great chat to each other about what makes them friends: how they met, why they write, and do what they do. Have a listen and then see us do Sless to Harsel in all its glory!

Noe Harsel Podcasts

Foot in the Door

So excited that the wonderful Chloe Honnef called to talk to Justine Sless and Noè Harsel about what it’s like to do Sless to Harsel, and work as writers. Have a listen to all the words of wisdom… (HAHA)