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Welcome to WHY WRITE, a super short podcast that asks writers just that, why they write? New episodes drops on Tuesdays. Thanks for listening in — make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss an episode!


WHY WRITE is a super short podcast that asks one writer one question: why write? Of all the things they could do and ways they could spend their time, why sit in front of that blank page for hours, days, months or years?

Noè Harsel, herself a writer, talks to different types of writers each week to find out why they do it; why they write!

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Black and white image of Anna Spargo Ryan. She is standing and wearing a zippered jacket with a closed mouth smile on her face.
Anna Spargo-Ryan is a Melbourne writer whose latest book is A KIND OF MAGIC.
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Black and white photograph of author, editor and publisher, Kate Cuthbert. She is leaning on her hand, looking into the camera.
Kate Cuthbert is the Editorial Director at Pantera Press. Previously, she held senior roles at both Writers Victoria and Harlequin Australia.
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Danielle Binks Author Picture
Danielle Binks is a Melbourne-based writer and literary agent with Jacinta di Mase Management. In 2017, she edited and contributed to 'Begin, End, Begin,' an anthology of new Australian young adult writing inspired by the #LoveOzYA movement, which won the ABIA Book of the Year for Older Children (Ages 13+).
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Black and white image of the poet and creative writing teacher, Andy Jackson.
Andy Jackson is a poet and creative writing teacher, and was awarded the inaugural Writing the Future of Health Fellowship.
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Black and white picture of Paul Dalgarno, looking sideway, against a wooden fence.
Paul Dalgarno is an author and journalist. His most recent publication is A Country of Eternal Light, (HarperCollins Australia, 2023).
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Black and white picture of Ashley Kalagian Blunt
Ashley Kalagian Blunt is the author of Dark Mode, an internationally published psychological thriller. Her earlier books are How to Be Australian, a memoir, and My Name Is Revenge, collected fiction and essays, which was a finalist in the 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award.
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Who is Noè?

Noè Harsel has over 15 years’ experience in the arts and culture space, working as a communications professional. She is the Head of Brand & Partnerships with The Jewish Museum of Australia, Chair of Writers Victoria, host of Live Write, an online writers’ group, and co-creator and host of the IGTV show, Sless to Harsel, which is an irreverent look at books, writing and friendship. For more, read on…

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